"Securing Provenance with NFTs: SmrtKuffs® Integrate Web3 Technology" by EC NFTea for NFT Evening

Recently, La Maison Steel revealed luxury Web3 Apple Watch cuffs in Paris. The Apple Watch cuffs feature an embedded NFC chip tied to a Polygon NFT for authentication. Here’s everything you need to know.
La Maison Steel showed luxury Web3 Apple Watch cuffs in Paris, mixing old-world craftsmanship with blockchain technology to combat the issue of fake goods.
SmrtKuffs® feature an NFC chip connected to a Polygon NFT, ensuring authentication and privacy for Apple Watch owners.
by EC NFTea for NFT Evening
Securing Provenance with NFTs: SmrtKuffs Integrate Web3 Technology
The cuffs offer a range of options, from French leathers to luxury jewelry versions, with digital IDs and provenance information secured on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon. Join the future of luxury fashion with SmrtKuffs ®