Founder | Designer | Inventor

As a pioneer in the fashion-tech industry, Nicole Steel is a rare artist with a business mind, with which she has overcome every impossibility tossed her way. She has been studying and living design, fashion and an international lifestyle since childhood.

Nicole blends timeless aesthetic and unbound imagination with a keen understanding of blockchain technology, finance and investments. Prior to founding STEEL, Nicole enjoyed a global multi-billion dollar career in real estate investment, advisory and design across all asset classes.

Raised between New York and France, Nicole's European-American background, in combination with extensive travels and her royal heritage, inform her designs and aesthetics. She loves to create beauty from the most unexpected ideas.

Inspired by art, philosophy and architecture, Nicole has traveled to over 50 countries, drawing inspiration from each visually and culturally.

Nicole works and lives across the world, running a design and operations team spanning 3 continents, bringing the best-in-class together, to serve La Maison STEEL's clients.