Old World Opulence. Fiercely Independent. Soul of an Artist.
Classically Feminine, Unexpectedly Bold, and Technologically Innovative.
At La Maison Steel, we are building a community.
For the Next Generation.
Where versatility meets sensual glamour.
Where extravagance meets refinement
Where design meets unrivaled craftsmanship and integrity.
Where rebel spirits reign.
And where Icons become Legends.
Come one, come all, to set the world ablaze.

Four Pillar Philosophy: Authenticity, Inspiration, Innovation, and Excellence

Authenticity: Our products are the first of their kind. By combining cutting-edge blockchain
technology with well-made accessories, we have pioneered a philosophy of connected luxury.
Our accessories help you to stay connected in today’s fast-paced environment.

Inspiration: Founded by a multicultural visionary, La Maison Steel is more than accessories, it’s
a way of life. We are a community inspired by artists, philosophers, free spirits, and trailblazers.
We are inspired by technology, creativity, and ingenuity.

Excellence: We believe in using the highest quality materials, along with a team of talented
artisans, to create long-lasting luxury accessories.

Innovation: We are the world’s first Blockchain native and authenticated luxury brand. All
transactions are recorded in the digital Blockchain ledger, accessible by tapping your phone to
your accessory. All Steel Sculpture purchases come with complimentary NFTs.

Above all, we believe in sophistication, style, and functionality.

Intangible Wealth

Embodying the spontaneity of an independent brand with centuries-old sophistication, the Steel
Compass points in all four directions while centering intangible wealth. While creating
high-quality accessories is our priority, we truly value the luxuries that money cannot buy. We
believe in connecting people of like mind, whether they be artists, rebels, or rock stars. Our
designs are just the starting point, you are the vision.