Join the Fashion-Tech Revolution with La Maison STEEL

The STEEL Icon mark represents a strong foundation, rooted in our philosophy of authenticity, inspiration, innovation and excellence. We are here as the future of luxury, making the bold move to pioneer the path forward in fashion-tech.

The STEEL philosophy guides us through each detail, with our interpretation and application of each pillar described below:

Authenticity: A lasting positive and meaningful connection; a cutting-edge blockchain digital authentication process, attesting to STEEL's ethical and transparent sourcing and production. Empowering our clients to realize the value in their products with our connection to blockchain technology and each other, in sharing the STEEL philosophy.

Inspiration: The invaluable fuel behind passion and art, enabling the artist to bring their visions to life; evoking powerful emotions that change the world through transformative ideas and human connections. Without inspiration we are nothing. We are inspired by materials, nature, textures, art of all mediums, music, architecture and the exchange of culture throughout the world.

Innovation: A visionary approach to design and problem solving; inventing new tools to weave luxury into the modern world; merging the best to revolutionize industries. Educating our clients who might not already be immersed in blockchain technology or Web3. Keep moving forward, with respect for tradition.

Excellence: Non-negotiable; it runs through the noble bloodline of the designer and everything we do, design and make, at the same time as connecting with our clients at the highest level possible.

Are we ready for the future of fashion?

After significant investment over the course of several years, we have no doubt. We knew it was the right time to demonstrate and introduce the value and transparency that blockchain technology offers in the context of fashion and luxury. La Maison STEEL connects our physical luxury fashion and goods with blockchain native authenticity because we deserve more.

As a pioneer in the industry, it can feel a little early to be born "on chain". Statistics support our ideas: the global blockchain technology market was valued at 5.85 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. This is forecast to reach 1,235.71 billion U.S. dollars by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 82.8 percent, as referenced here .

As for STEEL, we are transcending time and connecting old-world heritage with modern technology through an easy and intuitive process for our clients. We envision introducing unexpected and new users to blockchain technology, alongside early adapters.

We also know from pre-launch sales that STEEL clients are confident, strong, successful, curious, global and infinitely design-savvy. They are drawn to the brand due a lack of luxury options for our modern lifestyle – wearables, risk of superfakes, new currencies. They appreciate the transparency and protection that our blockchain technology provides, preserving the current and future value of our artisanally handcrafted collection.

The STEEL community share an established or emerging passion for art, travel, culture, technology, fashion, music and investments. They are proud to be the first movers to discover new trends and cultural movements. They are simply the first to know with well-trained eyes and minds seeking excellence.

STEEL is the only luxury brand born to speak to the blockchain, Web3 & crypto communities globally, as well as seamlessly bridge the fashion-savvy to the value of STEEL's proprietary blockchain digital authentication.

Above all, our clients are fiercely independent and strong, whether self-made or from an old-world noble heritage, of which our Founder, Nicole Steel is all of the above.

La Maison STEEL's mission is to connect fashion with the boundless value of blockchain technology and digital authentication, empowering the next generation, with the most noble hand craftsmanship and materials on earth.



STEEL is the only independent ICFA luxury brand member, voted into the organization in 2021, solidifying our commitment to animal welfare and environment. As a brand member, we only source from Certified ICFA Members- the first farming association where each farm is subject to independent 3rd party animal welfare certification.

Sustainability, transparency, traceability and animal welfare are at the center of our supply chain. We can trace our leathers back to the exact farms, conditions and enviormental impacts of their origins, striving for only the best possible conditions and impacts.

STEEL works hard to align as closely as possible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, particularly in the area of increasing biodiversity.

Our goal is to use zero waste leathers, where the population of the wild animals are healthy and stable with clear, science-based animal welfare initiatives to support these initiatives.

We attest to our leather sourcing in our digital blockchain registered authentication passports.