Connected Luxury for the Modern Century

Steel is the World's 1st Blockchain Native and Authenticated Luxury Brand

Steel Community and Connection

Steel connects a unique community of fellow Web3 enthusiasts (curious, emerging or established) and design connoisseurs who share the Steel Philosophy: Authenticity, Inspiration, Innovation & Excellence.

Steel's unique Web3 journey begins by scanning your purchase with your smart phone, unlocking the value of blockchain authenticity to all of our clients. All Steel Sculptures are offered with complimentary NFTs.

Steel Authenticity on Blockchain

Each Steel item is registered on the Polygon Blockchain, putting our clients first by offering transparency, guaranteeing, authenticity and preventing counterfeiting around the globe.

We are committed to long-term value along with making the most exquisite luxury goods on earth. We stand behind our materials, as well as where and how our items are made. This is why our authenticity is digitally immutable on Polygon Blockchain, downloadable to your mobile wallet.

Steel Provenance & Long-Term Value

Provenance is a record of ownership and verification used to authenticate art and quality.

With our clients at the center of everything we do, we are laser-focused on our commitment to protect their investments and trust.

Transparency and enhanced security were among the drivers that led us to develop and implement Steel's proprietary technology to guarantee provenance and shield our clients from counterfeiting.